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SEnS Workshop


The ongoing environmental disaster (loss of biodiversity, climate change...) and the warnings by the scientific community about the need to rethink our models of production and consumption make it impossible to ignore the issue, whatever the context. So, what about scientific research? Beyond the direct environmental footprint of research (for example due to flying to conferences), what role does it play in the destructive behavior of our societies, and how would it fit in a mid- or long-term trajectory toward sustainability? This question opens up a wider discussion that scientists rarely have:

Does our research contribute to building a world that corresponds to our values?

To tackle this question, we must learn to make explicit the values that shape how we work, and understand the complex relationships between our research, the environment and the societies in which we or others live. This requires some understanding of the history, economics, law, philosophy, sociology, politics, and ethics of our disciplines, for which many of us have received no training.

The SEnS workshop has been designed to provide tools and resources for this purpose, to a group of 5 to 15 people working in academia, including at least one having already participated in such a workshop and who will facilitate it. A research group, lab or a university can for example host a SEnS workshop.


The SEnS workshop aims to: The objective is not to reach a consensus between the participants, but rather to provide everyone with the opportunity to reflect and take a stance on current environmental issues in a respectful and constructive setting. By confronting ideas and sharing knowledge, the goal is then to find common ground.