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SEnS Workshop

The project

This workshop was designed by Sophie Quinton (researcher at Inria Grenoble) and Éric Tannier (researcher at Inria Lyon), in the context of the "Sciences, Environnements et Sociétés" collective at Inria Grenoble.


Many thanks to Françoise Berthoud and Christine Bout de l'an (Promising), Patrick Desgeorges and Alexandre Monnin (Redirection), and our colleagues Vincent Acary, Fanny Dufossé, Guillaume Mandil, Jean-Bernard Stefani, Marion Fourmeau, Vincent Daubin, and Bastien Boussau for their help in setting up this workshop.

Part of the workshop is inspired by Utopoly. The cartography is inspired from the Fresque du climat, as well as the register of grievances of the "Où atterrir" consortium.

Our work has been supported logistically and financially by Inria Grenoble.