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SEnS Workshop
Organize a SEnS Workshop

Target audience

A SEnS workshop gathers up to 15 people working in scientific research: researchers, but also engineers, administrative or associative staff whose work is related to the production of knowledge and technology. A research group, a lab or a university can for example host a SEnS workshop.


One or two persons are in charge of facilitating the workshop. At least one of them must have already participated in a SEnS workshop, read the documentary resources, and completed his/her preparations by discussing with other people who have organized such a workshop. Anyone fulfilling these conditions can deploy the workshop in the context that suits them best. It is of course possible to adjust the proposed setting as one sees fit.

Everyone who has attended a SEnS workshop is welcome to make it his/her own, to adapt it to their own research context and to contribute to its improvement.

Required equipment


The workshop's documents (program, cards, questions) are distributed under the CC-BY-NC 4.0 license.